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Why Is It Necessary To Add A Watermark To Your Photos?

Watermarking is the process of placing a transparent message (usually a signature, stamp, or logo) that is superimposed to an image. Basically, it is placed on the image in such a way that it’s visible enough to notice without interrupting the details of the image or photo.

Specifically, watermarks are used by online stock photo websites like Shutterstock and iStockPhoto and people who want to protect the interest of their digital property.

But come to think of it, why is it necessary to add a watermark to your photos? And can you automatically add watermarks onto an image?

Learn more as we are going to tackle this topic in today’s blog post.


Reasons For Adding A Watermark To Photos And Images

Watermarks can be extremely useful in many different ways and here are the reasons why you need to add a watermark to your photos:

Discourage Illegal Use

The main reason why watermarks are added on a photo or image is to discourage others from using your creative material without your permission or consent.

Digital media such as photos can be easily distributed once it is posted on your website or social media account. So placing a simple stamp or signature on your photo will indicate that it’s YOUR property an no one can copy or use without asking permission from you first.

Prevent Your Photos To Be Used In Poser Accounts

A poser account is a type of account in which a user will impersonate someone else (usually done in popular social media sites) to steal your online identity, get information from others, destroy your reputation, or swindle money from innocent users. So adding a watermark on your photo will prevent you from becoming a victim of these online predators.

Prevent Copyright Infringement

Digital material whether it’s for personal or business use is your own property. So you have the full right to use it whatever you wish as long as it does not violate the law. Therefore, it’s not always free and legal to be used by others especially without your consent.

That’s why placing a watermark protects your photos from anyone who wants to use it out of the fear for copyright infringement. And this will be all the more beneficial to business who want to protect the company’s intellectual and digital property from being used by competitors.

Steps In Automatically Adding A Watermark To Images


  1. Choose a watermarking software like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint 3D, and other watermarking applications like
  2. Create a watermark stamp or symbol, this could be anything from your name (or name of your business), an image that you want to superimpose over your photo, a logo, or the usual copyright symbol.
  3. Select the photos you want to add watermark.
  4. Make copies of these photos so that you place a watermark on the copies and keep the original for future use.
  5. Follow the process of watermarking based on the software that you used.
  6. Resize the watermark and apply the changes that you’ve made.
  7. Upload the photo with the watermark.

Where It Should Be Placed?

And finally, it is also essential that you know proper placement as you add a watermark to your photos. We recommend that you place it somewhere on the bottom right corner so that it can still be seen without disrupting the visual appeal of the photo. Moreover, don’t use large watermarks as this can only distract the viewer and take away the pleasure of appreciating the image.

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