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The Importance Of Backlinks In SEO

Backlinks are some of the most important elements of SEO. In fact, you can’t do proper SEO without backlinks. Of course, you may choose to omit this process IF you’re planning to rank your site on its own. But what’s the use of doing SEO if you won’t be able to rank quickly on the search engine results, right?

And so in this entry, we are going to tackle the importance of backlinks and know its major role in the entire SEO process.

Backlinks Lead Google To New Pages In Your Site

Search engines use spiders to find new pages. Basically, just as you find a new area on a map, search engines use backlinks to locate, crawl (going through the pages as part of the ranking process), and index all the pages on your site.

So it goes without saying that the more backlinks you use, the more chances of being indexed and acquire higher rankings quickly. That means, your site will rank higher in 4-6 time as compared to other times that doesn’t use backlinks.

Backlinks Are Used By Google As Tool For Determining Your Site’s Reputation

The ranking process being done by most search engines like Google are dictated by algorithms. And more often than not, Google place higher rankings to site’s with backlinks to popular sites because you are linking to sites that are trustworthy (in SEO, popular sites = trustworthy sites).

So to put things into perspective, if your site is using 100+ backlinks to popular sites, then you’ll have a better chance of gaining a spot in the SERP since you are taking advantage of quality (as mentioned here) and quantity (as mentioned in number 1).

Relevant Backlinks Creates Credibility

Consider this example: If a shoe reseller has backlink profiles (with inbound links) from popular sneaker blogs, and review sites, the customers and visitors will immediately think that the reseller’s site is credible. But the same cannot be said when the shoe reseller is using backlinks from food blogs and news websites because internet users will immediately think that it’s out of topic. Hence, his site’s credibility is ruined and at the same time the chance of getting higher rankings is also affected.

Backlinks Attract Traffic

traffic referral

And most importantly, backlinks in SEO can draw traffic into your site. Now we have already established the fact that backlinks can build your site’s trust. But as the owner, you also have to be aware that Google won’t trust any websites that don’t generate traffic because it will give an impression that these sites don’t provide something of value to their viewers.

So if you are going to implement a backlink strategy, we recommend that you aim for websites with a domain authority (DA) of 40+ as these sites have a bigger audience. And as a result, you will have a chance of attracting more traffic into your site.

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