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If you want an action agency look no further than livepr. We concentrate on delivering stories, interviews, ideas and coverage with less time on endless strategy meetings. It’s our approach which makes the difference.

livepr helps companies punch above their weight, often surprising small companies with the amount of good solid coverage we can deliver for their fledgling brand.

livepr began operating in London in December 1996, and has grown from a small consultancy serving domestic clients to one with national and international clients and representatives in more than three dozen overseas cities.

We believe livepr‘s business model is uniquely successful within the public relations industry. We have a relatively small core staff which allows us to be extremely proactive and dynamic avoiding cumbersome chains of command. However, we have a network of consultants throughout the United Kingdom and around the world upon whom we call when required.

This network comprises expert consultants across a broad range of specialities. Calling on them as and when needed, not sub-contracting but bringing them in-house to work on accounts, means that clients receive the best possible specialist and experienced assistance. It means they also can rely on continuity of consultant relationship.

Those services cover campaign development, media liaison, event co-ordination and media training, strategic planning, targeted networking, crisis management, full-scale public relations campaigns, business-to-business liaison, advertising sales negotiation, and strategy development.

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