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What To Do If Your GoPro HERO 7 Camera Freezes

At some point, your GoPro camera will give you issues, like freezing up and not responding for instance. And this can be very frustrating.

So if you’re experiencing this problem and looking for ways to stop this from happening, we suggest you continue reading as we’ll share tips on what to do if your GoPro HERO 7 camera freezes by identifying the causes first and then working on the solutions that can fix your camera in minutes.


The Common Reasons Why Your GoPro Device Is Freezing

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According to experts and most of the topics being discussed in community forum websites, there are 5 reasons why GoPro HERO 7 might freeze up. And these are the following:

  1. Camera Glitch – Like any other electronic devices, the GoPro camera is also susceptible to glitch. And if this happens, it can cause your device to freeze up.

Since electronic glitches can happen to all electronic devices, it is also the easiest problem to fix as most of us have probably had this issue with our laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, etc.

  1. The Software Is Outdated – The software or firmware of your GoPro camera needs to be updated from time to time so it will be able to read video files with the latest format. Otherwise, the camera will have to work harder just to open saved files, record videos, or capture images – which is why the camera appears to be slower to the point that it isn’t responding anymore.

In some cases, a GoPro camera with an outdated software freezes because it’s not compatible with a video file that is saved in a new file format. For example, you’re trying to open a file that is saved in 4K format but the camera in your camera is only compatible with video files saved in HD format or lower.

  1. Corrupted SD Card – The SD card you’re using may be damaged, or probably formatted for another type of camera. That’s why your GoPro device is freezing.
  2. Water Problems – GoPro cameras are designed to be waterproof. But if it has a failed open point, faulty gasket, or taking the camera to deeper depths than what is rated, it can also cause your malfunction.
  3. Overheating – If the GoPro camera is heating up beyond the usual, then it can also cause the device to become unresponsive.


How To ‘Unfreeze’ Your GoPro HERO 7

Here are the quick fixes you need to do to unfreeze your HERO 7 camera in minutes:

  1. If the camera has an electronic glitch, simply restart the camera without making any changing the settings. If the camera doesn’t turn off, remove the battery then reinsert it back again before turning it back on.
  2. If the firmware is outdated, pair the GoPro device with the app on your laptop and run the software update.
  3. If the SD card is corrupted, replace it with a new SD card. Just make sure to turn off the camera first before removing the bad SD card and then insert the new SD card.
  4. If the camera has water problems, try drying the GoPro camera by removing the battery and memory card, and wipe everything with a dry napkin.
  5. If the camera is overheating, just simply allow the camera to cool off for several minutes before using it again. And if the problem persists, the next best thing to do is to have your camera checked by experienced technicians so they can figure out what’s causing your camera to overheat.

For more information, you can visit CamDo’s website today to learn more about GoPro camera models and functions.

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