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5 SEO Blogging Tips To Boost Website Traffic

In recent years, more and more people are putting up blog sites to showcase their different interests in life. Whether it’s for travel, sneaker reviews, product reviews, and personal stories, blogs are sprouting like mushrooms to cater to different audiences in the online community.

If you are a blogger, how can you be sure that you are reaching the right audience? How will they be able to find you through Google? The answer through that is through Search Engine Optimization.

And if you’re interested to know more about this then keep reading as we are going to discuss the 5 SEO blogging tips to boost website traffic.

NOTE: Keep in mind that what we are about to share here are on-page SEO techniques. As for off-page SEO practices, we are going to talk more about that in our next article.

Title And Headings Optimization

Make sure that every page in your blog is targeted with the proper keywords. Google puts more weight on the title tag metrics, so be sure to include the keywords in this content element.

The closer the target keyword to the beginning of the title, the more chance of gaining good SERP rankings.

Likewise, the target keyword should also be included in the first heading (H1) of the content.

Ensure Your Blog Is Mobile-Friendly

Most people nowadays are accessing internet content through mobile devices. So you have to keep up with the trend and make sure that your blog is accessible (by this we mean readable) through laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and etc.

Moreover, you have to comply to this since Google requires all websites to be mobile-friendly from their recent update.

Share Other Blogger’s Content

Try to identify other bloggers with the same niche as yours and ask them if you can share their content with your blog. This way, it will make your colleague’s followers/subscribers be aware of your online presence and attract more traffic from coming into your blog.

Always remember, you have to share the content of other bloggers to be linked to your blog.

Post High-Quality Contents At All Times

This is one of the essential SEO blogging tips you have to be mindful of as Google puts more value on high quality and relevant contents. So be sure to do this regularly to let Google that your blog is active. Likewise, this is also a great opportunity of earning backlinks.

Link to Authority Sites

authority link

And last but not the least in this SEO blogging tips list, Google encourages bloggers and webmasters to get linked to great content. And most of the time, you can only get that from authority sites like Wikipedia. So make sure to include 1-2 authority links the next time you write a blog content along with 2-3 internal links.

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