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How To Prevent Packing Bottleneck In The Order Fulfillment Process

Packing bottleneck is a situation in the eCommerce industry where the flow of order in the supply chain is slowed down, and the build-up of order is quickly piling up before they are processed out.

According to experts, a bottleneck is one of the most common issues in product fulfillment. But the good thing is there are ways to prevent this phenomenon and improve fulfillment efficiency.

Read more as we are going to share some guidelines on how to prevent packing bottleneck in the order fulfillment process.

Arrange All Products By Number

Numbering your products instead of organizing based on name or category makes it easier for these items to be tracked down. And in doing so, the products will be picked faster as the warehouse personal can see the number and easily figure out where it should be placed according to the sequence.

All Orders Should Be Fully Picked

Another effective way of avoiding packing bottleneck is to ensure packers are only focused on packing ordered products. In other words, they will only take care of orders that are fully picked so they won’t waste time trying to finish orders that are not fully picked.

Holding packers with high standards in terms of accuracy at packing can also lessen any corrections that might otherwise delay the order fulfillment process.

Reduce The Steps Taken (If Necessary)

product inventory

Determine the number of steps required to pack an order. Aside from that, try to check if there is a certain step where they can “bend” their duties and try to make changes to make your product fulfillment more efficient.

And if there are steps that you can omit to improve fulfillment performance, don’t hesitate to remove these steps immediately to prevent any event of a bottleneck.

Use Flow racks

Flow racks allow ordered products to be filled in one station and then move to the other station for packing in a cohesive manner. And the fulfillment process will be faster if the flow racks are arranged in a ‘U’ shape.

Divide Picked Orders

And finally, packing bottleneck can be prevented if the packers designated to do a specific duty. This way, the momentum will not be broken as they are only focused on doing their job.

So it’s recommended to split the packers into specialized teams so they can handle single, multiple, and oversized orders respectively to maintain product fulfillment efficiency.


By following all these tips mentioned here, the possibility of packing bottleneck in the order fulfillment process can be reduced. And you will be able to make your business grow just by making these simple corrections we have shared here.

If you need more help in this area, feel free to contact 1Stop Fulfillment and let them take care of the rest.

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