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How To Compose Mobile-Friendly Content For Your Website

Website content is a vital component in attracting traffic to a website. In the same way, we also have to recognize the fact that most (if not, all) people are consuming content through their smartphones. In fact, the trend in website traffic through mobile devices continues to soar from 50.3 % in 2017, 52.2% in 2018, and 52.6% in 2019.

So it makes sense to take advantage of this trend by posting pieces of website content that are not only valuable and relevant to your audience, but also mobile-friendly at the same time.

Read more as we are going to give a guideline on how to compose mobile-friendly content for your website in today’s blog post.

Text Optimization

In order to create mobile-friendly materials for your audience, you need to understand how people consume content through their mobile devices. This is important because there are some differences in the way content is being read through desktop and mobile devices.

To be specific, desktop reading is usually composed through the “Golden Triangle” (starting from the upper-left corner) and “F-Shaped” (starting from the top, then left to right, down, then left to right again, and then further down) patterns. And according to research trials, these patterns are not recommended for mobile reading as the screen of the mobile device does not have enough space to allow sweeping horizontal and vertical movements.

So make it a point to position your content somewhere at the top half and the center of the screen as this is the part where it gets the attention of all mobile users.

Make Sure All The Key Information Is Easily Accessible On Smartphones

Always make it a point to give what the smartphone users want. So make sure all the key information like the pricing, locations, directions, and all other valuable information that they want can be accessed easily without scrolling deeper into the lower end of the page.

Speed Matters

Of course, this is a crucial metric for online websites. So if you’re composing mobile-friendly content, make sure that it is posted on a page that loads within 3 seconds because anything beyond that will discourage the reader and may decide to leave without consuming your content.

Make Use Of A Tabbed Content Design

If you’re using WordPress, all you need to do is install the “Tabby Responsive Tabs” plugin so your contents will be displayed in tabs.

Keep It Straight To The Point… Always!

Finally, you need to be brief and straight to the point when you compose mobile-friendly content. And the reason for this is people usually get tired of scrolling down further. And the more they scroll, the more they will get annoyed and leave your site without finishing what they read.

So keep it short and offer the “juicy stuff” right away to your audience and allow them to read something useful, relevant, and something that can provide a solution to their needs.

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