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5 Tips You Need to Know about Instagram Business Marketing

Instagram has over 800 million users, and approximately 80 million photos shared daily. Just like Facebook, many people spend their time on Instagram. It has a higher conversation rate for sales, visual content, engaged audience, and endless possibilities for creativity. In this article, we’ll let you know how your business can get the most from Instagram marketing.instagram business manager measure success

Properly Fill Out Your Profile

To make a stronger impression with your Instagram profile, you need to build and optimize it for business purposes. Your profile photo must reflect your branding, and your logo has to be recognizable. Include your name with a keyword because your clients will use the name of your company or your real name to search for you on Instagram. It will also triple your searchability scores. Thirdly, incorporate suitable keywords in the description of your business. After covering these fundamentals, you can add personality to your bio. For example, share a unique line that represents your company.

Publish Quality Content

The reason why you’re investing your time and money on Instagram for business is what influences your content strategy. Perhaps your goal is selling your products, building brand awareness, or showing your product photos. Just make sure that the contents you’re publishing relate to your goals, and they provide call-to-action for your customers.

If you’re having trouble keeping track of your IG posts, Instazood’s tool can help you schedule your Instagram posts with ease. Visit their site for more info.

Use Hashtags to Expand Your Reach

The hashtag is the sign “#” followed by a phrase or word that contains images, letters, or numbers. Twitter is the birthplace of hashtag usage. You can use them to categorize posts, improve discoverability, promote your brand, participate in your community, make new friends, increase your audience reach, and collate contest entries. To add the hashtag, upload a photo or video, and then type “#” followed by an image or text in the caption field.

instagram business manager hashtags

Establish a Good Relationship with Other Instagram Users

According to Forrester, Instagram is among the top-rated platforms that have the highest engagement rates between customers and brands. Beyond comments and likes, you can engage your audience by using influencers, regramming, and your captions. You can also participate in comment threads, and run contests, such as comment contests, regram contests, and photo challenge contests. Using your captions will promote discussions.

Measure Your Success to Grow More

Keep attracting new clients to never let your Instagram business plateau. You can achieve this by just analyzing your success, repeating all the contents that are working, and researching your audience. Iconosquare is the best tool that will help you show the important data to analyze when measuring your Instagram success. You also need to track reciprocity to know your loyal fans, track density to optimize posting schedule, utilize scheduling apps to reduce your time on Instagram, pay attention to most liked posts, and direct your strategy towards goals that are realistic.


Instagram presents you with an opportunity to market your products to an interested and targeted audience without spending a lot of money on advertisements. Accompany your Instagram efforts with strategic goals, such as increasing product sales, driving traffic to your website, establishing good relationships with influencers, and increasing customer satisfaction.

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