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Choosing The Right WordPress FAQ Plugin To Use For Your Website

If you own a website, then chances are you are always receiving questions and queries from people who are interested to know more about the products or services you are offering. And you have the responsibility to address their concerns to ensure lasting success.

But as you go through these messages, you will also notice that some of the questions are similar. And answering them one by one will take up your valuable time. So instead of hiring a staff to provide an answer to individual questions, it is recommended to include a FAQ section in one of your site’s pages.

So in order to help you in this matter, we advise you to continue reading as we are going to share some tips in choosing the right WordPress FAQ plugin to use for your website in today’s blog post.

Let’s dive in…


Elements Of A Good WordPress FAQ Plugin

Before we proceed with the FAQ plugin options for your website, allow us to point out the elements of a good WP FAQ plugin as this will also help in your selection process:

  1. Functionality – First off, the FAQ plugin should include functions like pre-defined styles, drag-and-drop feature, various icon choices, and premium support so you’ll able to customize the plugin with ease and avoid any hassles from the integration of the FAQ plugin to the existing design of your site.
  2. Mobile-Responsiveness – The FAQ plugin should also be compatible with mobile devices since most people nowadays are using their smartphones to access the internet. In other words, the FAQ plugin must be accessible and the content should be displayed in such a way that it is clear enough to be read by the users.
  3. Advanced Features – Lastly, the FAQ plugin should also have other features like animation and extra options for adding shortcodes so you can further work on the customization if necessary.


Recommended FAQ Plugins For WordPress

In this section, we are going to give 4 of our recommended FAQ plugins for WordPress:


Heroic FAQs

heroic faq

This is well recommended by techie experts because it’s well-designed and a gorgeous market interface. The main features of this plugin are the following:

– drag-and-drop ordering

– FAQ styles

– Multiple icon choices

– Updates and premium support for 1 year

The pricing for Heroic FAQ ranges from $49 for a year of subscription to $149 for a 10-site subscription for 1 year.


Ultimate FAQ

ultimate faq

This plugin lets you create an unlimited FAQ for your website as well as several FAQ categories. Aside from that, the Ultimate FAQ is recommended for eCommerce sites as you can also display an FAQ section in your sidebar.

Some of the main features include:

– Stats dashboard with a summary of FAQ views

– Search forms for ease of search through questions and answers

– FAQ answers can be exported to a PDF file

Ultimate FAQ can be used for free or for a premium upgrade of $34.47 that comes with additional features drag-and-drop ordering, styling options, and more.


HTML5 Responsive FAQ

html 5 responsive faq

This FAQ plugin is compatible and fully responsive with most responsive WordPress themes.

The Q&A can be grouped together into Categories along with a custom title. Also, the colors, font, and design can be change to go along with the main design of your website.

HTML5 Responsive FAQ is fairly easy to use that you can place it to any page, post, or widget using a supplied shortcode. And the best part is you won’t have to pay anything because this FAQ plugin is free.




And finally, this WordPress FAQ plugin is probably the most advance FAQ plugin in this list as it gathers questions and makes use of previous answers while providing several self-service help features at the same time.

This plugin has its own knowledge base that contains all the kinds of support for your customers. It even has this feature that allows the plugin to improve itself as it interacts with different kinds of customers.

ChipBot can be used for free or $20/month with premium features included.

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