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What Are The Best Practices In Responsive Web Design That You Need To Follow?

A 2017 research indicated that our dependency on mobile phones is increasing at a steady pace. In fact, 95% of Americans are now using mobile phones not just for calling or texting but also for email and accessing their social media accounts, which also resulted in more users browsing the internet with their phones out of the convenience it brings as opposed to using laptops and PCs.

This is the main reason why most developers are now putting much emphasis on responsive design paradigm to maximize mobile user experience.

Responsive sites are websites that automatically fits into all types of screens and resolutions. And if you’re planning to transition into web development trend, then we suggest that you go on reading as we are going to talk about the best practices in responsive web design that you need to follow.


Optimizing Images


Large videos and images can affect site speed, which can also directly affect your bounce rate, especially on mobile phones. So it’s best to upload videos, icons, and illustrations in the correct file format. And one example of this is SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics as these images are in XML format that can support interactivity and animation. In short, these types of images won’t lose quality even if they’re scaled up or scaled down.

In addition, you also have to be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of using SVG images including those having a JPG and PNG format.

Powerful Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons

Integrating a strong CTA button in your site can boost your conversion rate and your sales significantly. And it should be able to provide what the visitor wants the moment they look at it. So focus on personalization and see it to that there is less clutter near your site’s CTA button.

Mobile-First Approach

This is a very important element in responsive web design. It’s just common for online users to complete their check out process on different mobile devices. So you also need to ensure that your site will be displayed correctly in different mobile devices using the mobile-friendly test tool from Google.accessible web browsing best practices responsive web design

Integrate Chatbots

Chatbots are also essential responsive design elements since it allows you (the admin) to provide better customer service to your users. Chatbots can multitask and are mostly active at all time. Likewise, it can also help you deal with customer’s problems in a cost-effective way.

Taking Advantage Of The Device Features

And finally, you also need to take advantage of the device features as you transition to responsive web design.

Smartphones have the capability to do various tasks such as calling, texting, open apps, and etc. So as much as possible you have to capitalize on these capabilities on your site to enhance mobile user experience, encourage action, and ultimately increase conversions from your visitors.

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