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Tips And Tricks In Creating An Impressive Amazon Storefront Page has long been considered as a premier store for retailers and entrepreneurs who want to sell their goods online. And this same platform allows your business to showcase your value proposition by creating multiple catalog pages that will enable customers to be fully immersed with their shopping experience through high-quality and relevant media.

Even if your business has a website, having a storefront in Amazon can drive brand awareness as well as your product line-up to your target customers. So if you’re planning to build your digital storefront and improve your reach to Amazon shoppers, then this article is for you!

Learn more as we are going to tackle some tips and tricks in creating an impressive Amazon storefront page in today’s retail guide.

Here we go…


Invest On Appearance And User-Friendliness

user friendly amazon store

The first thing that you need to do is go over what you need. Of course, the Amazon storefront page should have an attractive appearance to make a good first impression on users. Aside from that, it should also have content that is engaging to your target audience. If your Amazon storefront looks boring or drab, it will surely not work for you.

Also, you should make it a point that the storefront is easy to navigate because online shoppers will likely patronize brands that invest in user-friendly features so they can easily purchase the products that they want without spending too much time doing it.


Make Use Of Videos, Branded Graphics, And Story

Videos and branded graphics are effective tools for reinforcing your brand to internet users. These elements have a way of grabbing the interest of the shoppers and direct them into your storefront. The use of engaging videos can draw more attention, provide clear communication, and create memorability to your brand.

On the other hand, your storefront serves as a way for customers to get to know the story of your brand while reinforcing the different products you are selling through that story.  So make it a point to check out some of the brand descriptions and stories from other Amazon sellers to get an idea of how you can tell your brand story while incorporating some of your products within your narrative. This way, you’ll be able to connect deeper with your customers and why they should support your products. Above all, make your story short as much as possible.


Utilize Tabs

Tabs are essential elements in your storefront so your products will be properly categorized. In short, it helps keep your page organized and it prevents unnecessary clutter that might otherwise distract the user from the important stuff.


Emphasize On Branding On Every Corner Of The Page

Branding is not only limited to the logo but also to the slogans, messaging, and colors. So make it a point to sprinkle bits and pieces of these branding elements to different areas in the storefront page. The goal is to inspire brand recognition so customers will be able to associate your brand immediately once they see these colors and messages (even at a glance).


Mobile Optimization

Last but not least, your Amazon storefront page should be optimized for mobile use since most 90% – 92% of the shoppers are going to use their smartphones and other mobile gadgets to consume online content. Hence, your storefront page must be properly displayed so you’ll be able to show your popular products and convey the kind of message you want to send across to your customers.

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