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How To Prevent Your Wireless CCTV Camera System From Being Hacked

Security systems are created to protect us, but sometimes they can also be used to cause harm to our household and our lives. In fact, recent research shows that unauthorized access is becoming rampant that more than half of Americans are worried that their wifi-enabled CCTVs are already being hacked by cybercriminals.

So if you’re one of those people who are concerned about the possibility of being hacked, then we advise you to continue reading as we are going to discuss how to prevent your wireless CCTV camera system from being hacked in today’s article.


How Hacking Works?

As you already know, most wireless cameras must be connected through the internet and a power source in order to work. This means once you’ve turned the system on, you are also leaving yourself vulnerable to cyber threats. In short, your wireless CCTV camera system is now a potential target for hackers. And these crooks will always find a way into your system to record the information they want to obtain and then use it for whatever they want to like stalking, breaking in, stealing from your online account, and more.

According to security experts, hackers have 2 main objectives why they are gaining access to your CCTV system:

  1. Take Control Of Your System’s Connectivity

Hackers hack into your wireless CCTV camera system because they want to take control of these devices and record videos and use it against you.  And they do this to monitor your daily activities in order to find a loophole that they can use to extort or blackmail you into giving them money. At times, low level crooks just simply want to access your camera because they just want to stalk on you.

  1. Launch A Remote Attack

Hackers want to illegally access your camera system so they can ‘get in’ to your local devices (computer, printer, etc.) and gather all the data information they need to steal money from your bank account, grab your passwords to access your social media accounts, and other nefarious activities.

Ways To Protect Your CCTV System From Hacking

stop cctv hacking

Here are the tips we can share to hack-proof your CCTV system:

Use Strong Passwords – Your passwords should include at least 1 number, 1 capital letter, 1 symbol, and it should contain at least 6 characters. Likewise, your passwords should not be based on obvious things like your birthdate, name of your spouse, and other things about you that can be easily recognized by others.

Secure Your Wireless Network – Secure your wireless internet network by using WPA2 encryption, updating SSID default, and disabling network sharing. Also, installing a firewall is also recommended, although you may require professional help on this matter.

Update The CCTV’s Firmware Regularly – Doing a firmware update allows you to fix bugs in your CCTV system and enhance the performance of your devices.

Disable Remote Online Monitoring – Last but not least, security experts recommend you to turn off this feature and use it only when it’s necessary as hackers can easily hack into your system if you’re accessing your home’s wireless CCTV camera system if you’re accessing it from external networks like a public wifi hotspot.

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