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How To Customize Your Gym Management Software To Accommodate The Needs Of Your Customers

Before you invest in fitness management software, you need to define your business objectives in order to find a tool that allows your gym to grow. Aside from that, you also have to take into consideration the needs of your members, especially during uncertain times when most people are advised to stay at home and discouraged from joining mass gatherings and group activities.

Although some health facilities are already allowed to operate in a limited capacity, you still have to cater to the needs of your clients who want to stay fit without leaving the comforts of their homes. How can you do that? By customizing a program that will satisfy their fitness requirements.

Read more as we’ll provide some tips on how to customize your gym management software to accommodate the needs of your customers in today’s post.


Integrate Features That Allow Members To Personalize Their Accounts

Your fitness management system must include features where clients can take control of their accounts to the fullest extent. This works both ways because:

  • It allows members to customize certain aspects, which helps them to continue doing business even if they choose to stay at home at the moment or can’t leave their residence because they might be exposed to a person infected with COVID-19 and has to be quarantined. And if the client themselves are infected, they can still choose to proceed with their membership and attend fitness classes without the risk of exposing other members.
  • As a business owner, you are able to retain their membership despite the limited operational capacity. And as a result, you’ll prevent huge loss in revenue which can cause your business to shut down completely.

 With Their Fitness Class Schedules

fitness class schedules

According to a recent survey, more people are becoming obese during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the lack of exercise and physical activity. And one contributing factor that leads to this problem is that most health clubs are ordered to temporarily shut down because of the ongoing health crisis.

But this dilemma can be averted once you integrate a gym management system as you can send email messages to many clients and inform them of the schedule of their online fitness classes.

As long as you have complied with the government and state health and safety regulations, you can continue operating like the usual. And once you have a customized system, you’ll be able to offer online workout sessions for members who want to stay fit even if they won’t go to your gym.

Include An Opt-In Feature

Last but not least, it’s always recommended to include an opt-in feature so that members will have control to pay their monthly fees through their preferred mode of payments.

Auto billing is never wise as this will only annoy clients because they are getting charged without their consent (at least, in most cases). And if they get upset, they might decide to withdraw their membership or sign up with another gym instead. Now this will translate into loss of revenue, and you don’t want that to happen.

All in all, investing in a gym management tool is a good indication that you value your clients and care for their welfare. So it wouldn’t hurt if you follow these tips mentioned here to increase your chance of thriving at the time of the pandemic.

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