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What Are The Advantages Of Adding A Live Chat Widget In Your Site?

Customer support is a crucial factor in the success of a business. And when it comes to this aspect, nothing is more effective than providing live chat support to your customers as there is no waiting nor holding on the line involved, just getting immediate answers directly to your representative and solving their problems in an instant.

Technically speaking, it’s all about improving your customer’s support experience because letting them wait will only heighten their frustrations. That’s why we recommend you to adapt to this mode of communication so your company’s support team will be able to help your customers more efficiently.

Read more as we are going to discuss the advantages of adding a live chat widget in your site in today’s article.


Know The Facts

advantages live chat

The integration of live chat support channels to company’s support teams has been the norm since 2009. To be specific, at least 65% of the companies have adapted to this practice in that year alone since they see it as a more efficient support outlet for their customer. And this trend continues to rise even today.

According to a 2015 study by the Forrester Research, customers prefer live chat because it eliminates the possibility of lengthy holds, long response times, and backed-up call queues. On the other hand, the traditional mode of customer support can also put more stress to your service reps because of the glaring wait times, the pressure to answer more calls as possible, and the susceptibility to commit mistakes by providing incorrect answers to your customers.

As a result, your customers will feel more frustrated and your business’ reputation will be tarnished due to poor customer support. But these can be avoided once you implement a live chat widget in your site.


Why Having A Live Chat Support Is Beneficial To Your Business?

Here are some reasons to consider why having a live chat support channel in your website is beneficial to your business:

Greater Convenience On Both Ends

The 2 key elements of positive customer experience are the accessibility of the support and the quality of support provided. Adding a live chat channel meet these demands as the needs of the customer are addressed in an immediate fashion, which also reduces consumer stress at the same time.

Enhanced Efficiency

Having the live chat feature also allows your support reps to handle more than 1 customer at a time. Thus, improving the productivity of your support team.

More User-Friendly

Integrating a live chat channel will make it easier for the customers to reach out to you because the widget is already displayed on the home page. All they need to do is click on the chatbox and a customer rep will be ready to answer any of their concerns right away.

More Cost-Effective

And lastly, having a live chat widget allows your business to address more customer concerns without the possibility of going through additional staffing.

With support reps taking more cases at once, you can now make use of the same amount of workforce to double your efforts in handling more customer cases without the need to hire more reps.

You can learn more about the other significant advantages of automated customer service by reading this post from SupportBoard.

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