Social media

Social media should always be considered alongside traditional media when designing public relations campaigns. What is said on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube has the potential to reach as many people as a story in a high profile national newspaper.

LIVEpr consultants have experience managing and actively promoting corporate and branded feeds on behalf of high-profile clients. This can be an excellent and cost-effective way to promote your agenda to key influencers, whether in the media or in your specific industry. It is also potentially a very useful networking tool.

We can monitor the various social media for you religiously and alert you to what influential people are saying about your brand – and then take steps to influence it if necessary.

LIVEpr staff understand that the right social media campaign, at the right time, can have a hugely positive influence on a brand’s reputation and results, and a misguided one can have the opposite effect. We make sure that social media works properly for our clients, and integrate that into our communications mix.

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